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The Influence of the Tech Pack on Your Productivity

In these almost 20 years of working as a product developer, I have teamed up with more than 30 designers from different parts of the world. And beyond the cultural differences and the fact that the industry is constantly changing -from styles to materials and technology-, when we consider the benefits of working with tech packs, the advantages are unquestionable.

In previous articles, we have talked about: What is a Tech Pack, What Does It Consist Of, and Why to Use It.
In this note, we will discuss all the benefits that the use of this document brings us.

A Tech Pack is an essential piece in the production process. We create it and adjust it when developing the salesman sample. After giving the OK for production, the manufacturer and inspector will use it as a consultation tool.


Working with Tech Packs has many benefits. The most remarkable one is that we save time in all stages (design, development, and production). But also, there are other interesting benefits to analyze:

1. Creation (Design) Stage

The technical sheet allows us to see the entire design as a whole (fabrics, colors, trimmings, measurements, labels, details, etc.) and in relation to the other styles in the collection.
This breakdown forces us to provide complete information, and at the same time, allows us to anticipate possible problems in production.

2. Development Stage

The development stage is where we spend most of the time on a collection. By working accurately, we are more efficient, reducing the number of prototypes (or counter-samples) requested until we give the final OK for production.

3. Production Stage

Tech packs help manufacturers to understand how the product must be made and what are the quality requirements. We minimize misunderstandings and mistakes, keeping the production on track.
Regarding the production inspection, tech packs establish the quality standards, ensuring the production margins of acceptability.

Other benefits:

Working clearly and accurately gives us a feeling of mutual respect for the interests and needs of our suppliers. By avoiding unnecessary conflicts, the business relationship is strengthened and enriched.

As we have seen, the use of tech packs to develop and produce textile products is essential.
In future articles, we will break down what information to include, page by page.

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Belu Chi

Belu Chi

Technical Designer at ABC Seams®
Expert in apparel development and technical communication. Former Product Developer at Burberry.

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Belu Chi

Technical Designer at ABC Seams®

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