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Why to Use a Tech Pack

As the garment industry has become less structured and more globalized, the need for detailed and precise specifications has increased.
Tech packs have become an essential document during the development and production stages of textile products.

A few months ago, we talked in a general way about the purposes and benefits of working with datasheets (see note here).
In this new article, we will review the concept of “Tech Pack” and then we will analyze in-depth the purposes of using this document.

What is a Tech Pack

The Technical Sheet is a document used as a communication tool. On its pages, designers and technicians provide the information to produce it at any time, anywhere in the world.

The principal purpose of the Tech Pack is to explain in detail how to develop this style. The final goal is that its production is accurate, fluid, and consistent.

The document gets born in the design department. Then is polished and completed in the technical department during the development stage. And lastly, it is used as part of the contract during the production period.


Have you ever wondered why tech packs are important?
There are several reasons to affirm this is the most significant document in a production. In broad terms, the technical sheet allows us to bring an idea (a design) to reality (a product).

But at the same time, other reasons make this document an essential tool in our work. Depending on the stage we go through, its purpose varies… let’s see in detail how the tech pack helps us:

1. Creation (Design) Stage

  • organization: we adjust our ideas for both a particular style and an entire collection. Within the tech pack, we define the shapes that will make up the collection, the fabrics we will use, the colors, etc.
  • consistency: we deliver our work with relevant and complete information. The document shows us all the details that we need to define.

2. Development Stage

  • specification: we provide the necessary information to develop the product we want. In the document, we establish all the design details and the technical data needed to make an idea into a product.
  • foresight: we anticipate and avoid recurring mistakes.

3. Production Stage

  • agreement: we establish the bases of quality, fit, and assembly of the product (avoid variations within the same style)
  • contract: the technical sheet provides explicit documentation of the agreement between the brand and the workshop
  • productivity: avoid interruptions during production
  • inspection: provide the information necessary to carry out a proper inspection

Other Purposes

  • request quotes from new suppliers
  • relaunch or redesign old models

If we make mistakes, the clothes don’t sell, and we all lose. Working with technical sheets is an excellent way to optimize time and guarantee good quality.

If this note has been interesting to you, stay close! In the following article, we will delve into the “benefits” of using this document.

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Belu Chi

Belu Chi

Technical Designer at ABC Seams®
Expert in apparel development and technical communication. Former Product Developer at Burberry.

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Belu Chi

Technical Designer at ABC Seams®

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