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What does a tech pack consist of?

Tech Packs are mainly a communication tool.
As we said in the previous article (see here), a Tech Pack is a document with all the information needed to make a design into a real product correctly.

What information is in a tech pack?

There isn’t any international standard to do Tech Packs, but there is a general agreement on what type of information you need to include on it.
This information includes materials, measurements and finishes. We write all this information on several sheets, and they all make a Tech Pack.


Different companies work in different ways.
Depending on the company, the information and its organization in the sheets can slightly vary. But in general, Tech Packs include:

  1. a header 
  2. all fabrics and trimmings, including labels
  3. flat sketches: front and back
  4. assembling details: including call-outs for special features, types of seams, constructions, finishes, types of stitches and topstitches
  5. measures with tolerances and the grading range
  6. the range of colors for production, including combinations of different fabrics and trimmings
  7. bill of materials (BOM) to calculate the complete cost of producing the style

Additional information:
8. inspirational pictures help the patternmakers to understand volumes and shapes
9. artwork for prints or embroidery: position, colors, and technique
10. packaging

I know this could seem overwhelming. But keep in mind that making a tech pack is a team-work that involves at least one designer and one technician (or product developer).
Depending mainly on the productive model, each company should analyze what kind of information they need to give to the supplier or manufacturer.
Also, you must consider that a Tech Pack is a living document. This means that you might need to adjust either the information or the way you deliver it. Your goal is to make the developing process clear, simple, and efficient.

Belu Chi

Belu Chi

Technical Designer at ABC Seams®
Expert in apparel development and technical communication. Former Product Developer at Burberry.

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Belu Chi

Technical Designer at ABC Seams®

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