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How to make the Header of your Tech Pack

What would happen if you were about to get into the surgery room and your clinical records explain your whole case, but your name is nowhere? how would the doctors know that that information is yours? …

On a much smaller scale, this is what happens when we send information to a factory and the header is not complete.

What is a Header?

The header is a text box where we write the key information to identify the style explained on the sheet.
The header is on every single sheet of the Tech Pack. We generally find it at the top of each sheet, which is the more visible area at first glance.

The header is a type of label placed on each sheet of the Tech Pack

The Purpose

The function of the header is to quickly provide information about the style developed on the tech pack. This way, any person involved in the development and production stages, knows perfectly what style is working with and what to do.

What Info Should I Include?

  • Company name: logo / name
  • Style: name / code, short description (type of garment), line / season, size range, base size, date, due date, type of garment required
  • Supplier: company name
  • Sheet Type (type of info included)
  • Contact: designer, technician
  • Small picture of the style (optional)


  • How to design the header?
    As we said, the header provides the key info to identify the style quickly. So, we need to organize hierarchically the information included:
    1st) Model name + Company logo
    2nd) File Sheet + Responsible
    3rd) Model info
  • Layout
    – Horizontal or vertical, depending on the file
    – At the top of the page, to facilitate reading
    – It should not take more than 20% of the total area (avoid huge heading boxes that reduce the space for the rest of the info)

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