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Why Is a Tech Pack Important?

I know it. Most designers don’t like at all writing Tech Packs.
For them (maybe you?) Tech Packs are the last task they want to deal with. But they have to.

Now, imagine this situation: you are a professional chef. You work for a well-known restaurant. The new menu includes a dish called “Spezzatino” (it actually exists!. It’s an Italian dish). And this is the first time you make it.
Now imagine you are in the kitchen, ready to prepare the dish, but you don’t have any instructions about the ingredients nor even how to make it. You only have a picture and a few notes with small pieces of information.
How many times would you need to make the dish to get it professionally done?. How much time and money would you spend in that process?

That is what happens when you don’t work with Tech Packs.
The communication is inefficient, and that is the source of many problems, And even worse, many factories won’t take you seriously and might refuse to work that way.

Technical Package

A Tech Pack is the “recipe” to accurately make your designs. 
It allows you to produce a style anywhere, at any time, making sure the final product is what you exactly want.
When a Tech Pack is correctly done, you save time on the developing process, keep the production on the track, and it also provides you the basis for quality control of finished products.

The Tech Pack is a document with all the information needed to make an idea into a real product, and then reproduce it consistently.

Purposes and Benefits

The principal purposes of working with Tech Packs are:

  • simplify the development process, making the fewest samples possible
  • provide the basis for smooth productions, keeping the product consistency from the beginning to the end
  • establish the parameters for the inspection and final production approval

Another great benefit of using Tech Packs is that they keep you and your manufacturer’s work well organized.
As a result, there are fewer mistakes, and everyone saves money and time.

How and Who Use Them

As soon as you launch a new design for developing a prototype, you need to send a tech pack too. The information in there is going to serve to several departments and at different stages. And, at some point, they all are involved in building it correctly.

Tech Packs are used between:

  • designers and product developers (including pattern-makers and technicians)
  • product developers and suppliers/merchandisers
  • suppliers/merchandisers and manufacturers (including all the processes involved such as printing, washes, dye, ironing, etc)

At the end of the developing process, the sample is approved for production. At that point, the Tech Pack must be complete, and it’s ready to be referred to during the production stage.

Today we’ve talked about what is a Tech Pack, the purposes and benefits of using them, and when and who use them.
In the next article, we are going to go over the type of information you need to include in a Tech pack. Keep tuned!.

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Belu Chi

Belu Chi

Technical Designer at ABC Seams®
Expert in apparel development and technical communication. Former Product Developer at Burberry.

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Belu Chi

Technical Designer at ABC Seams®

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