Sewing SEAMS for Tech Packs

A Visual Guide to Design Clothing

How should I explain a design to get my sample done well?
Full of inspiration and practical advice, this time-saving resource will help you to provide detailed instructions on technical issues.

Write professional specifications with precision and confidence.

Explain properly any detail of your designs.

The book includes a full construction development of 27 garments. These key styles are the starting point to specify almost any design, allowing you to use them to improve your specifications and your results.

Communication skills get people to the top.

By using this book, you will:

  • learn the basis on writing tech packs
  • make assertive decisions on garment constructions
  • improve your ability to communicate ideas
  • gain confidence on technical issues
  • boost your professional career


  • Format: paper or PDF
  • Size: 
    > Paper: 15.3x23cm (6″x9″)
    > eBook: A4 (printable)
  • Pages: 224
  • Color: Full color
  • Cover: Paperback

Shipping not included

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