101 Sewing Seams.
The Most Used Seams by Fashion Designers.

Get access to the most recognized
seams in the textile industry.

This book will take you through the world of the Sewing Seams:
their way of constructions, their stitches, and their main properties are some of the topics covered in this reference guide. 

Learn how to recognize each sewing seam and select
the most suitable ones each time.

Broaden your general and technical knowledge.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional designer,
this book has been designed to be a daily source of reference.

Improve your vocabulary and your communication skills.

101 Sewing Seams is a must have book for everybody who are interested in sewing. Seams are divided into three group; “construction seams”, “hems and finishes” and “details and decorations” which makes easier to choose, especially for the beginners. The best detail is advising suitable seam types based on the garment types. I highly recommend this book for the fashion students especially and all people who are in the design and production part of the fashion.”

Sibel Ege, Textile Engineer. Teacher at IFA Paris and Vakko Esmod Istambul.
Owner at Ren Sourcing

sibel ege
ren sourcing

By Using This Book, You Will:

  • make better decisions regarding sewing constructions and finishes
  • be more specific to name and designate sewing seams
  • simplify your work while making it more effective
  • get better results in less time
  • add a supportive and inspirational tool to your working material

I started with the ebook, which I utilize as a reference, but also to take screen shots of the seams to include in my tech packs. However, I also purchased the print version, and enjoy using it as a resource during clients meetings to help them to identify stitches and make decisions

Xochil Herrera Scheer, pattern-maker, product developer,
and owner at The Chicago Pattern Maker

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