Pattern Templates for Effective Fitting Rectifications (Product Review)

The fashion industry works against the clock; that is a fact. No matter how big or small the brand you work for. Every day you have a lot to do, and everything is urgent… Do you relate?

If you work with finished products (external factories), you are aware that fitting rectifications on prototypes are an inevitable task. There will always be adjustments in the first sample. The problem is when these pattern adjustments are not well made. As a result, the following samples have the same defects. Some common examples are garments out of balance, sleeves that pull at the armhole, and uncomfortable crotches. This situation generates frustration and can cause delays in production times: more samples to check, more comments to send, and, in some cases, defects are repeated even during production.

Why does this happen, and how can we avoid these issues?
Here is the key. That question and its answer will allow you to work less and better when checking garments in the development stage. The secret is to have precise and effective communication. Avoid requiring more samples than you really need. Instead, give fitting comments so clear that there is no room for doubt about what to do, how, and where.

Using time efficiently is key to relieving the burden of daily tasks.

In today’s article, we will talk about a product designed to help you give precise pattern adjustment comments in record time. Our goal is to let you know about this powerful tool so that you can evaluate if it is useful to improve the quality of your work. Don’t let poor communication lead you to work more and delay delivery times. Take control and optimize your work to success.

What is this product about?

From tops to details to complex garments like coats, these digital pattern templates were created to deliver pattern rectification feedback precisely. And do it in a visual and simple way. They will help you work like a professional, in record time and without the need to be an expert in digital drawing.


The document includes 126 digital patterns. These are classic garments that work as bases for almost any design.


The patterns are on a 1/13 scale (A4 size). As a digital product, you can reduce or enlarge them according to the size and space of your tech pack sheet.

The proportions are for size 38 (for women). S or M depending on the brand: size 10 in the UK and Australia, 6 in the US, 9 in Japan, and 55 in Korea). If you work with men’s clothing, you can also use them. With a few clicks, you can adapt the proportions of the patterns without a dart. Remember that the templates are a “representation” of the real pattern.

Ideal for product developers, patternmakers, and teachers.

The patterns are organized into different layers to make easier their use and manipulation. The “my notes” layer is set up as no-printable, allowing you to write down any personal note you need, just for yourself.


In addition, this product includes 17 examples of the most common industry rectifications, such as sleeve cup adjustments, necklines, pants crotch, and shoulder and armhole shaping, among others.

When to use it?

Mainly, you will use these templates to give fitting comments on prototypes and samples. You will also use them to position prints, embroideries, and labels

Other uses may include quality and labelling manuals for your brand, design/pattern-making classes, and design/pattern-making books and blogs. 

Important: Please note that this product is copyrighted. It is illegal to sell or give it away.

Give professional fitting comments and save time during the developing process.

How to use it?

Step 1: Copy and adjust the base/s that better fit with your design. 

Step 2: Explain to the factory how to make the rectification you need. 

Step 3: Paste it in the fitting comments sheet of your tech pack: export it as a PDF file, or even easier, take a screenshot.

FAQ: Can they be used as actual patterns? 

You can use these patterns as actual patterns, but we do not recommend that since each brand has its own base measurements, and you would have to adjust many points on each pattern. Instead, you should use (or create) your own base patterns, as professional brands do.

Who is it for?

This product is for technicians and pattern makers who work with finished products. , meaning garments whose samples are made outside of the company. You will use it to explain to the factory how to modify the pattern after prototypes and samples’ fitting.

It is extremely useful if you are a freelancer or work in a sewing factory, and need to explain technical issues to your team, clients, or suppliers.

It is also an ideal tool for teachers whose work requires explaining alterations and modifications.


In short, it is a powerful tool for those who work with patterns and need to optimize their time.

How will it help me at work?

You will save time (you don’t have to draw the patterns), and you can visually and very precisely explain how to fix patterns. You have seen the fitting and what the defects are. It is in your hands to provide comments that leave no room for doubts.

Why are these templates special?

Because it is a practical product specifically designed for pattern rectification and fitting comments. You can get the entire set of digital templates (126 pattern styles) for a unique price-quality ratio in the market.

Format, Requirements, and Price

These templates are in Adobe Illustrator. You can open them from the CS6 version onwards.

Software requirementsYou need to have the “Adobe Illustrator” software on your computer.


You do not need to be an Illustrator professional: to modify the patterns and adapt them to your design, you only need to know how to use the basic tools (selection, pen, curvature, text, and lines). Find below 

some YouTube tutorials that may be useful.


Just as fashion designers have their drawing bases to save time (to avoid starting each drawing from scratch), now you can have your base pattern templates.

Spend your time on what is important and work professionally.

Take control in your hands. Send crystal-clear comments that leave no room for doubts or miscommunication. With precision and clarity, guide your factory on what to do, where, and how to adjust patterns.


Have a look at the templates here.


If you have any questions or need any assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 

Best regards,


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