Book Review: Sewing Seams for Tech Pack

You are a fashion designer and need help managing the technical development of your garments. You often receive prototypes that are different from what you expected. On the one hand, the measurements need to be adjusted (fitting comments). On the other hand, you have garment rectifications: constructions, finishes, and details to improve. In this article, we will talk about the second group: garment assembly (construction details).

Behind a successful garment, there is successful communication.

Have you ever wondered why your prototypes have so many adjustments? Often designers spend a lot of time designing. But they don’t invest much time explaining the construction details of their styles. Sometimes they even leave it to the factory, forgetting that the proper choice of seams is key to creating quality garments that compete in the market.

It also happens that they don’t know how to express their ideas with the technical vocabulary of the industry. They know what they want. But they don’t know how to explain it. And that is frustrating. And, as you might expect, they are turned off by these tasks.
That is common and understandable. After all, technical development is one of the most complex tasks in their profession.

We know how frustrating it is to receive prototypes that have little to do with your idea and design. We also know that there is almost no bibliography on the subject.

Although you may already know about it… today we are going into detail on the book Sewing Seams for Tech Packs. The purpose of this article is to explain what information this book contains, how, and what it is used for. But most importantly, after reading this note you could decide if this book is for you (or not!).

Book Review. Sewing Seams for Tech Packs

What is the book about?

As discussed in previous articles, a tech pack is a document that contains several sheets where we write down information to produce a style correctly. Some of this information is related to the assembly of its parts. 

The book Sewing Seams for Tech Packs focuses on assembling textile products and how to effectively specify their construction. Its goal is to help you make the right decisions on garment assembling and explain it professionally in the tech pack. It is a reference guide that will improve your professional communication. You will use it whenever you make a spec sheet or have doubts when explaining a design.

Inside the book, you will find a collection of 27 key garments. Those designs are the basis for a wide variety of models. So, they will help you explain your own designs with complete confidence.

Each garment is technically (and visually) developed. From cuffs and plackets to pockets, collars, and necklines.
With this information, you will be able to understand how the garment is made and how to explain it technically, just as professionals do.


The book consists of 3 parts: introduction, assembly sheets, and reference material.

Part 1: Introduction

Here we will talk about the cycle of a garment’s creation, development, and production. We will see what a tech pack is, why it is used, and what it consists of.
Then we present the 27 styles that will be developed and explain how to use this book.

Part 2: Assembly Sheets
That is the main part of the book. Here you will find the construction of the 27 garments. Each style is explained in 3 steps, from the most general issues to the most specific ones:

  1. cover + mood board
  2. development of front and back
  3. development of the garment details

This information (together with the measurement sheet) is the basic information you need to require a first sample (or prototype).

Since there are different ways to sew a garment, you will see that some parts have seams options. Some of these alternatives are stitch and/or construction variations.
You will also see some icons highlight the main characteristics of some seams (strength, elasticity, cost, etc.). They will help you to choose the proper seams according to your design, its function, and the fabric you are using.

  1. Part 3: Reference Material
    This section contains additional information that you can use to create your spec sheets:
    – examples of the other sheets that make up the tech pack
    – a guide to selecting the most appropriate thread
    – technical vocabulary: such as stitch types, seams, and parts of a seam – to help you express yourself professionally and confidently.
    – alphabetical index of seams and construction details – so you can find any seam or garment detail in seconds.

To achieve a good design with a successful market entry (and to be profitable!), you need to understand how a garment is made and know how to explain it.

Who is this book for?

This book is for designers and product developers. We especially recommend it if you are a student or just starting your career in the apparel industry.
If you are a teacher, you will use it as a reference for product development and sewing techniques lessons.

How will it help me at work?

By using this book as a reference, you will gain:
confidence in decision-making (you will consult it whenever in doubt)
save time when working on tech packs – and get more accurate prototypes (work more efficiently)
creative stimulation (discover new ideas and ways of sewing: constructions, finishes, details)
high quality at work… and professional growth (by showing that you know, and what you can do!)

What makes this book special?

We know that technical subjects are so complex, so that is why we wanted to make a simple, clear, and visual technical book.

Formats, Languages, Availability, and Pricing

The book is available in digital and paper formats.
Languages: English and Spanish.

E-Book (digital): in PDF format and printable (A4 sheet with white background).
The two main advantages of the e-book are that you receive it at the time of purchase and that it is cheaper. Another great advantage is that, since it is digital, you can take screenshots of the seams and paste them into your tech pack (super-fast!). In addition, the PDF format allows you to consult it from any device, including your cell phone.
The e-book is only available on our website. The cost is €15.30, and you can pay it by debit card, credit card, and PayPal (see here).
Note: If you see it elsewhere, be aware that it is pirated and may be outdated, modified, or incomplete. We are NOT responsible for its content (including seam codes veracity) and quality.


We work with an international company that distributes to all bookstores in every country. They sell it for us (we currently do not have direct sales).
If you ask for it and they don’t have it in stock, ask them to get it for you! They can buy it wholesale (and no minimum quantity requirement).
You can also find the on websites such as Amazon and Book Depository.
If you have any questions, contact us; we’ll help you get them.
Suggested Price: €41

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We hope this article helps you to decide if this book is for you.
If you have any questions, please write to us in the comments below or contact us at

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