Book 101 Sewing Seams: Update / 2nd Edition

Our first book 101 Seams has just been updated and in this article we will tell you about the adjustments we have made.


The main changes are related to the aesthetic aspects of the book: the number of pages and the distribution of the contents is exactly the same for the paper version.
You will especially appreciate these changes in the digital version (eBook).


Regarding the content of the book, we just swapped one seam and added some information.
The content updates are as follows:

1. Seams

The seam C110-3 was changed for the seam H110-12.

2. Properties and Uses

The properties of each group of seams were upgraded, and we added their common uses too.

3. Correlations ISO and ASTM

Bellow each seam, you will find the ISO and ASTM correlations.

4. My Notes (eBook)

In this new edition the eBook includes an area for your notes and your samples.

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