ABC Seams® Code System is an international standard language for textile seams that allows you to identify, select and communicate sewing seams with precision.

Each seam is identified with a unique code number.
Therefore, you know that any seam that you choose will be exactly the same anywhere -including the type of stitch and type of topstitch.

Who is this for?

How It Works

After designing a new style, you need to explain details such as types of constructions, topstitches, and types of finishes.
With our seams you’ll make your spec sheets in 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Go to our digital gallery of sewing seams

Step 2: Look for the seam that you need (see below “How to Choose a Seam”).

Step 3: Copy the sketch of the seam (right click > copy image) and paste it on your document (right click > paste)

Once your technical specifications are ready, send them to the manufacturer. They can also refer to the Seams Gallery at any time.

By using the sketches and codes, everyone talks the same language, avoiding confusions and misunderstandings.

If at any point of the process a seam needs to be changed, just go to the Seams Gallery, copy the new seam, and replace it.

1 – Identify the category that you need.
Constructions: joining at least two layers of fabric
          – Hems and Finishes:
polishing the edge of the fabric
Details: including pleats, patches and ornaments

2 – Look for the structure that fits best on each part of the garment

3 – Select the type of stitching/topstitching that you want

Once you know which seam you need, copy and paste it in your spec sheet.

– when making tech packs

– when discussing with your team and colleagues about sewing constructions and finishes

– when looking for options to improve a design

– when teaching either sewing techniques or how to give technical specifications to develop a garment