Producing textile products is a complex process that involves synchronized team-work among designers, technicians, pattern-makers, suppliers, etc.
From the first sketches to the final OK for production of a garment, drawings, samples, and technical specifications go back and forwards between brands and manufacturers.

A clear communication is the very first step to getting the best results.

Any misunderstanding or lack of information will require new samples to be done, wasting time, energy and money. However, when you explain your ideas properly, you get what you want in a shorter time.

What We Do...

We are experts in Sewing Seams.

Our International Code System allows everyone to name, select and identify any sewing seam with precision.

Make sure that your team understand what you exactly mean, and that you understand them.

No matter where you are from or what language you speak. By using our seams your work will be clear and effective.

We help you design what you want

our sewing seams

ABC Seams® Code System is a standard language for textile seams that provides over 600 types of seams.

Each seam is identified by a sketch and has a unique code…

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