Newsletter January 21′

Oh yes!, how busy the social media and emails can at this time of year is crazy, agree?!
Greetings, balances, new resolutions… Now is the time of the year where we stop to think.

At ABC Seams, we start the year feeling thankful. And since you are the engine that motivates us to work hard every day, we want to start the year by thanking You for being here with us.

Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021

Surely we will never forget this so “particular” year 2020.
A year where, among many things, the whole world realized how important hugs are.

Although 2020 hasn’t been the best year of our lives, at ABC Seams, we wish it was that drive that we sometimes need to make a change for the better, for you and the whole world.

It wasn’t easy, but here we are, full of energy and eager to continue sharing value.
We have our purpose more than clear: improve the communication in the apparel industry.
We know from experience that good communication improves relationships and helps to grow our careers (we are more efficient and better considered).
To do this, this is the summary of our grain of sand 2020:

New book

We published our second book.
More than two years of work to help you better understand about garment assembly. It is a reference tool that supports you when designing and making tech packs.
Have a look here.

Seams Gallery

We uploaded more seams (free resource).
Thanks to your valuable messages and comments, we are improving and expanding our Seams Gallery more and more.
If you haven’t used it yet, come in and have a look at it. You’re welcome to use the sketches in your tech packs every time you need them.
How to use them? Very simple: select the seam you need, click on it, copy it, and paste it on your specification sheet.
Have a look here.


We re-opened the blog.
Due to technical issues, at the end of 2019, we had to close the blog. In the middle of the year, we re-open it. Also, we have new professionals who generously share their knowledge and experiences with us.
Have a look here.

Thank You

Thank You for your loyalty.
Thank You for your support.
Thank You for your feedback: it helps us to keep improving this work tool that is our sewing seams.

A present for you (x2)

Who doesn’t like to be spoiled?
At ABC Seams, we like to spoil you … perfect matching! 🙂
Always with the idea of ​​providing you with valuable material, we have prepared this gift for you:

1. Freebies 2020

A summary of the 10 most downloaded templates of the year.
Have a look here.

2. My Sewing Seams Collection

We have selected different types of seams (constructions, finishes, and details) to make your own sewing seams collection, your own database, including a step by step!
Download the first template here.

We will send you a new template every other month.

Note: if you are not interested in receiving the Sewing Seams Collection templates, please let us know. We’ll take you out of the list with no questions.
On the other hand, if you consider sending you a new seam’s template every other month is not enough, let us know too!. We could send them more often if you wish it. And so, your collection will grow faster!

We listen to You.

If we can help with something as technical designers specialized in the garment assembly, particularly in these uncertain times, do not hesitate to contact us:

  • Email:
  • WhatsApp : +61 4 3558 7952

Or simply reply to this mail.

Now it’s your turn, what about you?.
How was your year, and what are your plans for this 2021?.

We send you a big hug.


ABC Seams Team

ABC Seams

The new standards for inspiring, communicating and referring sewing seams.
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